Turnkey Services (TSP)

End to end construction of cell site that would include site acquisition, obtaining statutory permissions, site layout & drawing, tower foundation, tower erection, electrical installation, grid connection and system integration till site is on air.

  • Site Selection & Acquisition:
  • Coordination & Statutory Permissions
  • Supply of Infrastructure
  • Project Management
  • Site Construction (Civil, Electrical & Tower)
  • Site Upgradation
Telecom Integration Services (TI)
  • Installation & Commissioning of BTS, VSWR Measurement, I&C of BTS  peripherals
  • Integration, E1 & T1 Connectivity, I&C of Minilink and alignment
  • Swap & Expansion : BTS to BTS, Antennas, Feeder Cables & Sector expansion
Operation & Maintenance

Aimed at achieving Maximum Operational Availability of BTS sites through Preventive Maintenance of Passive Infrastructure & Electrical Equipments.

  • Preventive & Corrective Maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance Contract of Equipments
  • Management of Fuel, EB, Rent, NOC  & Security
  • Optimization

Salient Feature of Preserve O&M service : We aim and deliver a Zero Outage Network

  • Site availability 99.99%
  • Statutory Compliances
  • In-house teams
  • Reduction of Opex
  • Service integration
OMCR Services

24x7x365 monitoring of network is provided by us to ensure an outage free network for our esteemed customer. Well trained teams are assigned the responsibility of monitoring the network health so that factors leading to deficient services are identified well in time and corrective measures are triggered through the handling agencies.

The critical alarms being, Low Voltage, Rectifier Failure, Site On Backup, LFL, High Temp and Site Down however and the team triggers relevant alerts to the technicians of the handling OMEs. There is a well defined escalation matrix for the alarms if there is no resolution and the follow up continues till closure of fault.

A compiled report is shared with customer wherein the details of fault along with the RCA is submitted on a daily basis.

Salient features:

  • Round the clock monitoring of alarms
  • Triggering alerts for attending the alarms and escalation as per predefined matrix
  • Managing trouble ticket
  • Factoring RCA as reported from field
  • Verification of reported faults from respective officials of  client
  • Submission of daily reports with analysis of faults/outages

Preserve team offers the following value addition to the above basic services once entrusted with the responsibility:

  • Outage incident – basic tracker giving the details of incident
  • RCA attributing factors responsible for the outage
  • Uptime trends; cluster wise
  • Uptime trend and analysis; OME wise
  • Uptime trend; OPCO wise
  • Frequent failing sites and suggestion for remedial action
  • Infra faults; trend and criticality
  • PM monitoring, highlighting the pendency and criticality.

The above analysis and reports are aimed at highlighting the areas of focus by the management of client for an improved service to their customers.

Site Safekeeping Services: Total Control On Local Issues
  • Dedicated Site Caretaking Services
  • Site Key Holding Management
  • 24x7 Site Security Services
  • Mobile Security Services
  • Security On Call Services
  • Site Surveillance Services
  • Quick Response Team (QRT)
Optical Fibre Works
  • Route Survey, Route Drawing and ROW liason
  • Trenching, Ducting, Back filling, HDD Boring, DIT, Cable blowing, Splicing, M/H Installation, Termination & Ring Integration
In Building Solutions (IBS)
  • Complete survey & planning
  • Walk Test, Patching of BTS to BTS
  • Microwave Pole Installation, Cable laying and connectorization
  • I&C of panel antennas
Green Energy Solutions: Solutions That Ensure Clean Energy(Preserve the planet earth for future generations…)
  • Operations require 24x7 uninterrupted power supply but Power deficit in India is a persistent problem
  • High operating expenditure: Energy costs account for 30%, - 34% of total operational expenditure
  • Diesel pilferage ~20% have been observed in the industry which further increases  the energy costs.
  • Diesel consumption on telecom sites accounts for ~5 million tonnes of CO2 per year which is 2% of total greenhouse emission from India.
Solutions On Offer:
  • Solar Hybrid Solutions
  • Wind Energy Solution
  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Biomass Solution